Do you want to deploy Zimbra?

Benefit from our team’s experience. We have known Zimbra for over 10 years and we have realized many implementation projects. We operate according to proven schemes in compliance with Zimbra's good practices.

Project phases:

  • Collecting information from the client about the current situation related to the mail environment (survey)
  • Preparation of the implementation plan together with the schedule
  • Processing of the implementation through the installation and configuration of the system and security
  • Data Migration
  • Environmental run services


Do you want to deploy ((OTRS)) Community?

((OTRS)) gives great options for processing efficient information circulation within your company.

If you think you need the system that can improve internal communication’s quality and serve your clients well, you can choose one of the following paths:

Choose hosting ((OTRS))

  • you want to get the results asap
  • you more or less know what you need for your business
  • you want to cut the costs of the service
  • you are able to adjust to predefined tools
  • your budget is limited

Choose individual project

  • you can spend more time on collective analysis of your business and processes
  • you want to make use of individual modules for business
  • you are prepared for a bigger project’s budget
  • you plan to broaden and improve the environment in the near future

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