What do we specialize in?

Identification of processes in your company

We prepare a report in the context of the possibility of using tools for ServiceDesk and email for your business.

Application design

Our team of developers is ready to conduct your project efficiently and to achieve common goal for your business.

E-mail and team work consulting

We point out efficient ways of archiving and protecting your e-mails and data using the Open Source tools: Zimbra, Piler, RSPAMD et al.

Processes optimization linked to information circulation

We create a Catalogue of services for your company and collaboratively model decision-making processes which aim at improving business activities.

Introducing automation of operations within IT environment

We analyse which communication processes of your company can be automated.


What can we offer?

Zimbra and ((OTRS)) Community audit

Do you want to check how your systems work? We know how to analyse the environments’ setups with the special care for security. We present honest picture of them.


We run training courses for administrators and key users of the systems we offer.


We also run workshops for administrators and users which goal is to prepare Teams, in the best possible way, to utilize the environments.

IT system integration and functional modules for Zimbra and ((OTRS)) Community’s environments

Through system integration and modules for the environments we create functional solutions which increase your company’s efficiency on the market.

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