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For administrators

Imagine that OTRS receives requests that have been previously scheduled by you or the system administrator.

With our module you will not forget about important tasks because OTRS will set up a ticket and assign a responsible person.


Automate creating recurring requests
The RecurringTask module is a comprehensive tool for creating cyclical notifications. It allows you to plan the time of creation of a new ticket and different conditions.


Main features:

  • Creating cyclical notifications
  • Simple and clear interface
  • OTRS Agent can define any configuration of the ticket periodicity of the application expressed in an intuitive format of dates or CRON entries


  • Full integration with OTRS web panel

  • No specialist knowledge is needed

  • Ability to integrate with other modules using dynamic fields



Compatible with: OTRS Community 6.x / Znuny LTS 6.x
OS: Linux, MacOS X, Windows
Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge


Plugin summary:



Configuration support:

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Business customer within EU with valid VAT ID [except Poland]:


0,00 EUR
Purchase details

Recurring Task – more information


Number of accounts

OTRS Reccuring Task is licensed for your ((OTRS)) Community Edition single server.  There’s no restriction for the number of Agent’s, Administrator’s and User’s accounts.

Subscription and support

OTRS Reccuring Task is sold as a perpetual license.

You have right to receive technical support in case of troubleshooting for 12 months. Support is available through Support Page or instant chat on our webpage.

All other information is available on the OTRS Reccuring Task documentation pages.

Configuration support

With Configuration service chosen during purchase, you get direct support from Intalio Services in installation and configuration part of OTRS Customer Panel. Support is limited to 1 hour during business hours.

Configuration process consists of following steps:

  1. Preparing specification and details of deployment – direct contact with Customer.
  2. OTRS Reccuring Task installation via web interface.
  3. OTRS Reccuring Task configuration according to the specification (point 1.)
  4. Testing.
  5. Production readiness.


  • Access to OTRS Admin web-interface.

Emerging markets

Check if you are on the list: https://www.msci.com/countries-heat-map

Other information

OTRS Reccuring Task is available in English and Polish version.




User's Guide

Installation and Administrator's Guide