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Customer Panel is a modern business solution based on the  Intalio experience.

The panel introduces many features. Solutions allow to users to get access all necessary information about request . Our panel is built from a solid base and is a fully functional system closely integrated with OTRS.



CUSTOMER PANEL, which should always be
Completely new quality and comfort of work for people who are struggling with task and requests. Created by Intalio from scratch, it offers users a modern interface and functionalities that until now have been lacking in communication between the company and clients


Main features:

  • New friendly user interface
  • Comfort of use on any device
  • New possibilities to customize the appearance and presentation of data to suit your needs (sorting, filtering, column visibility, etc.)


  • Easy to install and fully integrated with OTRS
  • Offers login based on AD / LDAP and many other data sources
  • Full administrator control over available functionality
  • Widgets allow you to customize the interface according to the individual needs of users

Main features:

  • Widgets allow you to customize the interface according to the individual needs of users
  • Information about notifications is available in real time, without having to refresh the page
  • Multi-language support
  • Business dashboard for easy navigation
  • Easy extension of the panel with new features
  • Compatibile with OTOBO 


Compatible with: OTRS Community 6.x / Znuny LTS 6.x / OTOBO
OS: Linux, MacOS X, Windows
Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge


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Configuration support:

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Business customer within EU with valid VAT ID [except Poland]:


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Purchase details

Customer Panel – more information

Number of accounts

OTRS Customer Panel is licensed for your ((OTRS)) Community Edition single server.  There’s no restriction for the number of Agent’s, Administrator’s and User’s accounts.

Subscription and support

OTRS Customer Panel is sold as a perpetual license.

You have right to receive technical support in case of troubleshooting for 12 months. Support is available through Support Page or instant chat on our webpage.

All other information is available on the OTRS Customer Panel documentation pages:

Configuration support

With Configuration service chosen during purchase, you get direct support from Intalio Services in installation and configuration part of OTRS Customer Panel. Support is limited to 1 hour during business hours.

Configuration process consists of following steps:

  1. Preparing specification and details of deployment – direct contact with Customer.
  2. OTRS Customer Panel installation via web interface.
  3. OTRS Customer Panel configuration according to the specification (point 1.).
  4. Testing.
  5. Production readiness.


  • Access to OTRS Admin web-interface.

Emerging markets

Check if you are on the list: https://www.msci.com/countries-heat-map

Other information

OTRS Customer Panel is available in English and Polish version.


User's Guide

Installation and Administrator's Guide