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Conference Rooms is a module that will add a completely new functionality to your OTRS - room booking system. 

Users will be able to make reservations in a transparent and intuitive web application. Persons managing access to the rooms will receive a tool that will allow them to quickly decide whether to accept or reject booking requests. This system in one place aggregates all the information needed to effectively administer access to your conference rooms. Say goodbye to notebooks, manual notes and lots of calendars once and for all. Our system will replace them all.


Control your meeting room resources. Book, assign and manage.
A complementary system that solves all problems related to room booking. The user submits a reservation request in an intuitive panel. The administrator has a tool that allows him to immediately decide whether to accept or reject it.


Main features:

  • One system for the entire company - the possibility of introducing many cities, buildings and rooms
  • Full integration with OTRS - sending a booking request creates a new application
  • A modern, transparent and easy-to-use interface encourages employees to use the system


  • Simple to install and integrated with OTRS
  • No requirement to create new accounts - just log in to OTRS
  • Possibility to add many cities, buildings and rooms - one system for the whole company

Main features:

  • Ability to add many cities, buildings and rooms
  • Room configuration panel allows you to add the number of places and additional resources available in the room (internet, projector, catering)
  • Possibility to grant administrator rights to many people, for each room separately
  • Free room search engine with advanced filtering mechanism
  • Clear interface to view current bookings in the form of a calendar
  • The ability to indicate individual needs when making a reservation
  • Private rooms - reservations can only be made by administrators


Compatible with: OTRS Community 5.x
OS: Linux, MacOS X, Windows
Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge


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Configuration support:

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Purchase details

Conference Rooms – more information


Number of accounts

OTRS Conference Rooms is licensed for your ((OTRS)) Community Edition single server.  There’s no restriction for the number of Agent’s, Administrator’s and User’s accounts.

Subscription and support

OTRS Conference Rooms is sold as a perpetual license.

You have right to receive technical support in case of troubleshooting for 12 months. Support is available through Support Page or instant chat on our webpage.

All other information is available on the OTRS Conference Rooms documentation pages (below this box).

Configuration support

With Configuration service chosen during purchase, you get direct support from Intalio Services in installation and configuration part of OTRS Conference Rooms. Support is limited to 1 hour during business hours.

Configuration process consists of following steps:

  1. Preparing specification and details of deployment – direct contact with Customer.
  2. OTRS Conference Rooms installation via web interface.
  3. OTRS Conference Rooms configuration according to the specification (point 1.)
  4. Testing.
  5. Production readiness.


  • Access to OTRS Admin web-interface.

Emerging markets

Check if you are on the list: https://www.msci.com/countries-heat-map

Other information

OTRS Conference Rooms is available in English and Polish version.




User's Guide

Installation and Administrator's Guide