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ZI-Chat Zimlet is the advanced business communication tool that tightly integrates with Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

The solution is based on Rocket.Chat – free, unlimited and open source team communication solution. Safely communicate and collaborate with your team, share files and make audio and videoconferences – all from your Zimbra web panel. You can also use your mobile and dedicated application for Android and iOS systems.


ZI-Chat Zimlet is the advanced business communication tool that tightly integrates with Zimbra Collaboration Suite.
ZI-Chat is the tool that improves business communication in your company. Based on Rocket.Chat, gives Zimbra users the new dimension of team communication in today’s world. The solution is  safe, flexible and open. Ready for any type of organization: from small companies to big corporations. ZI-Chat is tightly integrated with Zimbra, with well-known Zimbra interface, easy and comfortable for users and administrators. The server part can be installed on-premise or in cloud to keep your data safe. This solution is available for both Zimbra versions: Network Edition and Open Source.


Main features:

  • Private and group channels
  • Discussions
  • Voice message recording
  • Easy and quick file and image transfer
  • Strong encryption
  • Quick search of content and files
  • Message tagging
  • Video and Voice collaboration


  • Full integration with Zimbra: web panel client, users, SSO
  • Access via a web browser
  • Dedicated mobile client: Android, iOS
  • Dedicated desktop application for Windows, Linux and MacOS
  • Support for IOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux

ZI-Chat for Zimbra Open Source 8.8.15


  • ZI-Chat is also available for Zimbra Open Source 8.8.15.
  • Check how ZI-Chat works with this version





Zimbra: 8.8.15 Open Source Edition / Zimbra 9
RocketChat: 2.x, 3.x
Os: Linux, MacOS X, Windows
Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge


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ZIMBRA Plugins [ZI-CHAT] advanced communicator

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ZI-Chat – more information


Number of accounts

ZI-Chat plugin is licensed for all accounts (mailboxes) that are created on your Zimbra server. If the number of your accounts is above the number of accounts in ZI-Chat plugin, the ZI-Chat plugin functionalities are switched off.

Subscription and support

ZI-Chat plugin can be used during 1-year or 2-years subscription. After this term, the license should be re-purchased. If not, the plugin functionalities will be disabled.

During the subscription term, you have right to update ZI-Chat plugin with the newest one available and to receive technical support. Support is available through Support Page or instant chat on our webpage.

All other information is available on the ZI-Chat plugin documentation pages (below this box).


Choosing deployment during purchasing, give you the right to get direct support from Intalio Services in installation and configuration part of ZI-Chat plugin and Rocket.Chat server.

The deployment process consist of following steps:

  1. Preparing specification and details of deployment – direct contact with Customer.
  2. Installation of Rocket.Chat server on the dedicated linux machine (Ubuntu 18.04LTS server is prepared by Customer).
  3. Installation of ZI-Chat zimlet.
  4. Configuration of Rocket.Chat and ZI-Chat plugin according to the specification (point 1.).
  5. Testing.
  6. Production readiness.


  • ssh access to Zimbra servers (root level)
  • ssh access to Ubuntu 18.04LTS server - Rocket.Chat server (root level)
  • dedicated hostname for Rocket.Chat server in DNS
  • SSL certificate for Rocket.Chat hostname

Emerging markets

Check if you are on the list: https://www.msci.com/countries-heat-map

Other information

ZI-Chat plugin is available in English and Polish version.




User's Guide

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