What's next with OTRS

Date: 21 March 2021

Intalio Service Desk

By the decision of the OTRS AG on December 23th 2020, the System ((OTRS)) Community Edition is not longer supported by the manufacturer.

By informing about potential security flaws in the Community Edition version, the manufacturer tries to encourage users to switch to the paid variant.

There is no such necessity! We want to assure Intalio Service Desk customers about our active support for the OTRS system, ensuring security and the possibility of further development of this product.


What is our strategy

The approach proposed by INTALIO assumes work and active support of the environment (OTRS) for at least next two years. We also plan to enable our clients to switch to a new system engine (OTOBO) with  all compatible modules Intalio Service Desk in Q3 2021.

The new engine is an open environment version and is a continuation of the ((OTRS)) Community project.

Intalio Service Desk is a business solution based on a stable foundation with great development potential in the future.


All functional modules developed by INTALIO will be compatible with the new engine until Q3 2021.