Email archive for Zimbra

Date: 23 April 2020

Couse with „ZI” it’s better – ZI-Piler

Archiving is an important element of e-mail system. Among many of our soultions, Mail Piler commands the biggest interest. For many years in Intalio we’ve been working on integrating this system with ZCS Zimbra. We created zimlet Zi-Piler especially to this end. Its newest version brings many improvements for administrator as well as some interesting functionalities.

Mail Piler archiving configuration with ZI-Piler

Thanks to zimlet the archiving configuration can be done with a new interface available in Administrator’s Panel. The interface consists of panels responsible for configuration of a given functionality. Below we present required steps to configurate archiving in ZCS Zimbra system with Piler program.

Step no 1: Giving the address and port for Mail Piler services in the panel of communication configuration with Piler.

Followingly, setting up of archiving service, which means giving the e-mail address together with the period from which you want to archive your messages. You will receive, on your e-mail, notifications about the current status of archiving.

Next step: autoarchiving configuration. Determine the time when the archiving starts. From this level you can also activate manual archiving.

Last step: SSO configuration. This service means that after logging in to user’s account you will also be logged in to your Mail Piler archiving server. Thanks to this service user has an opportunity to search and restore his or her messages.

At this point the Piler archiving in ZCS Zimbra system is being configured. WELL DONE !


Configuring of archiving settings at user-level

Our zimlet eases the management of messages’ archiving process of particular users as well as the management of such a process at the level of a service class. There are two panels to make it possible. The first one is the Preview and users’ editing.

This panel enables configuring of archiving modes for particular users, chosen from the list. And so we can define whether to archive all the messages of a given user or just older ones than a given time, and whether to delete them or not.

The Preview and service class editing panel serves as a management of archiving policy at the COS level.



The new ZI-Piler zimlet is, above all, the convenience of managing archiving policies. Everything is available in one place at one click. As always, our Technical Department will provide you with detailed information on the ZI-Piler zimlet’s configuration.